What is the amazing Wubble™ Bubble Ball?
It’s the type of product you get when you’re the father of four creative children, you’re in the toy business, and your kids make the right wish at the right moment! You see, at NSI we’ve been creating some of the most popular and innovative toys for more than 60 years—under such established brands as Nickelodeon™, Smithsonian® and Oglo™ Sports. And we know that great ideas can come from anyone.

So one day, while blowing giant bubbles in front of our house, one of my kids said “I hate when my bubbles pop! I wish I could play with them!” I had heard this from all my kids over the years, time and time again. But this time, I really took it to heart because my two little ones truly looked disappointed that they couldn’t actually play with their bubbles. And so began the quest to make this wish come true.

After three years and thousands of man hours of research & development, we’re excited to bring you the amazing Wubble bubble ball. The Wubble is like no other ball or toy you’ve ever played with before! You see, it looks like a bubble…and moves like a bubble—but won’t pop like a bubble! You can kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it—and even sit on it! The Wubble floats, wobbles, dribbles, spins, smashes—and makes really WACKY SOUNDS!!!

So what makes the Wubble bubble ball so special? It’s made from top-secret super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff that makes it squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight and allows it to be inflated to a gigantic THREE FEET TALL. Use the battery-operated air pump (included) to inflate your Wubble bubble ball in just two minutes and when you’re finished playing, just deflate the Wubble with the deflation tool (included) and stick it in a drawer for next time. The best part is that the Wubble is fun to play with indoors or outdoors, all year round.

Now go get a Wubble and have a blast!