Frequently Asked Questions
Thanks for getting one of our Wubble bubble balls! We hope you like it as much as we do! We’re sure you are creative and will come up with lots of cool stuff to do with your Wubble, but in case you need some ideas and guidance, we’ve put together this page to give you lots of fun “DO’s” and “DON’T’s” ideas for your Wubble…

You can also look on our YouTube channel here, or our Facebook page here, for videos from us and other Wubble users around the world! For the basics, you can see the Wubble instructions here. Keep your eyes out for other Wubble styles in the future—that will come in different colors—and other REALLY COOL Wubble stuff! Have Fun!!!

- The Wubble Team

Q. Where’s the best place to play with my Wubble?

A. Easy…almost anywhere!!! More space equals more play! You can play with your Wubble inside or outside, but the more room you give yourself to play with a Wubble, the more fun you can have!

Q. What size should I inflate my Wubble to?

A. For normal play, we recommend inflating your Wubble to 36 inches. But you can also inflate your Wubble to a smaller size of 24-30 inches. The smaller size makes it wigglier and stretchier, and makes the Wubble a little more durable because it isn’t stretched as much.

Q. Why did my Wubble get lighter in color when I blew it up?

A. Great question! As the Wubble inflates, the skin gets thinner. Thinner means more translucent, which is why you can easily see through your Wubble when it’s fully inflated.

Q. Why isn’t my Wubble as clear, now that I’ve played with it?
A. Another great question! Wubbles can get microscopic scratches on them when you play with rough surfaces (even your fingertips look “rough” to a Wubble when it’s inflated). These little scratches can’t be removed, but they don’t change the way your Wubble works. Or, sometimes, they are just plain dirty BUT you can always just wash your Wubble.

Q. How can I keep my Wubble clean?
A. When you deflate it, wash your Wubble. Do so with cool water and a very tiny amount of standard liquid hand soap
(like a 1/4” dot). PLEASE DON’T use dish soap or any other household cleaners on your Wubble, as they can damage the chemical structure of the skin.

Q. Can my Wubble get wet?
A. Wubbles can get wet. They’re basically stretchy plastic, so they are pretty much waterproof. We don’t recommend you leave them in the pool or in water of any kind for extended periods, because that can discolor your Wubble.

Q. Can I leave my Wubble outside?
A. We recommend you AVOID leaving your Wubble out in the sun for several days at a time. Too much sun and heat can make the color fade and can change the way your Wubble works. A day or two won’t cause any problems, but prolonged exposure to strong, direct sunlight can cause damage.

Q. Should I deflate my Wubble if we’re not going to play with it for a while?
A. Yes, that will make the Wubble last longer.

Q. How do I store my Wubble?
A. Wubble balls are made of super-thermo-stretchtacular stuff, as you know. This stuff contains totally safe oils that help it be so stretchy and strong. Especially when deflated, over time, the oils can transfer to porous surfaces. In many cases, these stains can be removed with dish soap and water, but it's better to avoid making them instead of cleaning them up after. If you are going to store your Wubble ball for any extended time, you should deflate it and store it in a plastic bag.

Q. Will my Wubble pop?
A. Yes!!! Wubbles are very strong but will pop if you poke them with sharp objects like tree branches, thorns, animal claws, pencils, zombie teeth, vampire bats, fences and the like…IF you happen to pop your Wubble ball, the inside surface will feel oily. Don't let that surface come in contact with porous surfaces or clothing, because it can transfer the oil to things it touches. In many cases, these stains can be removed with dish soap and water.

Q. Will it hurt if my Wubble pops on me?
A. Generally, no…BUT…we can’t tell HOW you might pop your Wubble, so it’s really hard to say… We say in general, please avoid popping your Wubble. Why would you want to pop it anyway? Once it pops, it’s really not as much fun!

Q. What if I poke a hole in my Wubble?
A. That would stink, but all is not lost...If you happen to poke a hole in your Wubble, you can still inflate it by pinching the hole closed until your Wubble is inflated to full size. Then you can try to use something like Duct Tape to seal up the hole. Not many things can stick to a Wubble, but really sticky duct tape does an “OK” job. Even with a tiny hole, your Wubble would take a long time to deflate, so you can still play with it :)

Q. Are Wubble’s safe?
A. Wubbles ARE safe! They are tested to all US and European toy safety standards, and they meet or exceed all of them! Also, we test Wubbles for reliability and strength far beyond what global safety standards require. EVEN THOUGH Wubbles are safe, PLEASE do not let children under 3 play with Wubbles. Also, any small or young children should be supervised during play. That’s just smart…

Q. Wubbles are so big! Are they heavy?
A. A Wubble is actually made with over ¾ of a POUND of PLASTIC! But…once you inflate them, this huge amount of plastic stretches so thin that the Wubble acts like they are almost lighter than air. This is why they bounce around and move as amazingly as they do!

Q. What is a Wubble made of?
A. As we like to say, it’s made of super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff! It’s a specially engineered synthetic rubber that lets us make Wubbles so amazing! It doesn’t contain any PVC, or Latex or BPA’s or phthalates or any yucky stuff like that! In fact, all the ingredients in it are “food grade” and “medical grade”. It’s really amazing, really safe stuff that can only be found in a Wubble!

Q. Can I draw on my Wubble?
A. IF you draw on your Wubble, do so carefully, and use a permanent marker like a SHARPIE®. They work great. BUT, be sure not to color too heavily, because the solvent in the marker can damage the skin of your Wubble. If you draw on your Wubble, the marker may wear off over time, but there is no way to safely remove your doodles without damaging the Wubble skin. So… just like a tattoo… unless you want the design on your Wubble for life, don’t draw it on there!

Q. What if I lost or broke my Wubble pump?
A. Your Wubble can be inflated using most battery-operated pumps for inflatables, or by using a push-button nozzle on a standard electric compressor. It can even be inflated using the “blower” function on most “Wet Dry” Vacuums… Basically, any low pressure, high volume pump with a small enough nozzle to fit into the Wubble fill adapter can be used to fill your Wubble. BUT please make sure you always use the inflation guide and never inflate your Wubble larger than 36 inches.

Q. Can I put stuff inside my Wubble?
A. We STRONGLY URGE YOU NOT TO PUT ANYTHING BUT AIR INSIDE YOUR WUBBLE. Technically, you could BUT WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT, because: Anything larger than the fill nozzle will damage the valve and void your warranty. Anything you put inside could cause damage to the skin surface and cause your Wubble to tear or pop.

Q. What if I filled my Wubble with helium?
A. This one REALLY goes on the BAD, BAD, BAD list. Please do not ever fill your Wubble with helium. We don’t want ¾ of a pound of plastic floating around in the sky! It would make birds, bats and other animal life very sad.

Q. I popped my Wubble. How do I use the Replacement Guarantee to get a new one?
A. Please click here to download the replacement registration form and follow all the instructions on the Guarantee page to take advantage of the Wubble Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. PLEASE NOTE, this guarantee is only provided to US consumers (in the continental United States), and only applicable to products purchased directly from us or from authorized Wubble retailers in the US. For purchases outside of the US, please contact your local Wubble distributors. To determine your local contact, please see our distributor list here LINK.


…DO NOT use your Wubble as a floatation device—in any way!
Even though it floats on water, it’s waaaay too stretchy and big to work as a floatation device. Please, please don’t try that!

…DO NOT bounce on a Wubble like it’s a trampoline!
It’s strong, but it’s not indestructible, and doing something like that would be dangerous!

…DO NOT inflate your Wubble over 36 inches!
Sure, it CAN be inflated larger, but then you void your warranty, and you make the skin so thin that it can be damaged much easier. As we all know, a popped Wubble is no fun!

…DO NOT fill your Wubble with water!
It gets WAAAAAY too heavy to have any fun with.

…DO NOT trap anyone UNDER your Wubble!
EVER! You could make them suffocate!! Please, please don’t ever do anything like that!

...DO NOT poke, stick, pick, jab, bite, or claw your Wubble with anything sharp!
It will pop. You will be sad. We will be sad for you… The whole thing will just be very sad and that is not what
Wubbles are all about!